Blood Ties

Dealing with Merfolk

This is a rather poignant time when a huge secret comes to light. First let me talk about the truly super natural creatures that have dealt with up to this point. Two of the dragons lords who have both been gone/asleep since magic has lost it’s power. One troll who again had been out of commision for nearly the whole time. Wyverns who seem to have appeared out of thin air, a sea serpent who again seemed to appear out of thin air. Even the souled creatures from across the sea who appeared to be magical were a bastardized form. The Fish People well we’re not really sure about, but there was no proof that they were creatures of magic.

The merfolk were at the bootm of the lake that held the crystal ball. It was here that they found prof that one of the fundamental questions they had been looking into had been wrong all along. Merfolk are creatures of magic, however they never vanished or had any lapse in existence. They simply avoided humanity after the wars. The even had magic users who used a different form of magic then what the characters were used to dealing with.

The heroes used the magic ball to find the Witches love, then pulled him through a portal just to find out that he too had amnesia.



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