Blood Ties

How to Train your Wyvern

The merry band of adventurers set out to find a crystal ball, but along the way found a town the was being destroyed by dragons. The townsfolk were starving, because turns out the dragons were eating all their livestock. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they took to the mountains searching for these creatures.

Once they found them, it was quickly apparent that they were not dragons, but Wyverns. A creature that despite their fearsome appearance, has animal intelligence and can be trained. That all started with the Unicorn playing with one using pieces of a slaughtered cow.

So they took time out of the journey to train wyverns, which involved a few flesh wounds and at least a dozen stitches. In the end though it was worth it. Flying around on wyverns is so much cooler then riding a horse, although it does tend to be a lot windier and bumpier.

Because of their new mounts, it took little time to get to the lake where the crystal ball was to be located.



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