Blood Ties

Hunting Werewolves

After the heroes made it back to the mainland, they reported their findings to the shadow council. Well maybe not all of them, but just enough to get them off their back for awhile. Then fr the first time in nearly two years they took a vacation. They went off to the land’s of Duke Anthony Stewart. To check in on the Library and collect on a favor owed to the Witch.

The library has been growing well. With the collection growing slowly but surely. Thor Giantslayer has been managing the funds well and has spread word to merchants that he pays top dollar for books. They have been adding wings to the library and even a monastary type building for intellectuals.

The Duke had indeed found a way for the Witch to locate her lost love. It was a crystal ball that was an immensely powerful relic. He did not know the exact location of the crystal ball, but knew the approximate location, so our character’s set off on a grand quest to find it.



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