Blood Ties

Interview with an Ogre

So our characters have still had a daunting task before them. All these powerful creatures and them stuck in the middle. They figured that allying themselves with one of them was the best route to go. However next came the question of which one. After much debate they decided that it was between the Ahmut and the King. However they had one ace in their pocket, the Ogre that they had save a few years back.

They met with him to find out what he knew of the time before. He was able to shed quite a bit of light on things that they hadn’t been able to figure out. Perhaps the most notable of which was him telling them of the Great Curse or that the Treant that they had worked under was really one of the original signers of the first contract.

After they had learned what secrets he had for them, they decided that the King was their best bet, so they traveled back to the capitol. There they were greeted by a member of the shadow council. He told them that he had located the person who had killed the treant. After gleaning what information they could about the Treant’s attacker, they finally met up with the King.

We left our heroes in the middle of their conversation and we’ll have to wait a ful week to find out all of what they learned.



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