Blood Ties

The Juggernaught's Shield

While waiting for the second meeting with the Shadow Council our heroes decide it’s time to do a little research. The Witch keeps looking into magic and how to unravel it after it has been combined with another type of magic, while the Shade researches artifacts.

Little information is to be found on artifacts, luckily for the characters the Shade has an immense library and is obsessed with lost knowledge.

He is able to determine the location of a powerful shield that was discarded years ago. They go into a swamp in search of the shield, however things are never that easy. First no one knows the exact location, second even the locals are affraid of the swamp where the shield lies, and third the forest comes alive to stop them.

The first obstacle in their path is a forest that rearranges itself, the trees literally get up and walk to new locations o that the landmarks the group believes that they know are not good landmarks. After they solve that problem, and get back on track the forest gets more aggressive. Things finally end in a massive battle in which the characters have to kill a giant tree person.

Eventually somewhere in the muck they locate that which they came for and leave the swamp hopefully forever.



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