Blood Ties

To Destroy the Shadow Council

In lihgt of recent events and the on going problem of juggling so many enemies/friends/unknowns, the group decided that it was time to close up loose ends. One of the biggest of these is the Shadow Council. A group of highly powerful and influencial nobles, who seem easily duped, need to be dealt with.

Information needed to be gathered as to the exact situation going on inside the shadow council. So a few of the memebers went in a spied on them to find out what was going on. The answer was not pretty, they weren’t really sure as to what was going on, apparently entire chunks of their memories were missing and they were each thinking it was another of the shadow council.

The characters are going to try to use this information to take over and use the group for themselves, however they are going to wait for the next meeting. In the mean time they are doing research for many different purposes. Including how to unravel the very fabric of magic once the two forms have been intertwined, how to create the best cokie possible, and where to find powerful artifacts to aid them in killing the more powerful magical creatures that are arrayed against them (such as Lord Nightmare).



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