Blood Ties

To Rule the Shadow Council

When the characters get back to the capitol after theirbrief foray into the swamp, they go to the next meeting with the shadow council. There they capitolize on the fact that none of the shadow council fully remembers the events of the last few months, and convince them that they are indeed members of the inner circle.

They trick one of the members into a revealing a contact in the forest who might have knowledge of what has been happening in the world. So they set off into the forest with their contact.

He introduces them to a curious creature who refers to itself as killowren. It also refers to itself as plural and in the third person. However Killowren tells them many interesting things, not the least of which is that they are somehow marked by their dealing with the wyverns. It also introduces them to some of it’s fellow forest magical creatures.

A squirrel, a tree, and a pair of identical wolves are added to the conversation.

Unfortunately they learn little more except that for a long period of time people didn’t seem to be able to notice magical creatures, they also figured out that there were no humans who signed the first contract. Armed with this added knowledge they went back to the capitol.



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