Duke Anthony Stewart

Favored Descendant of the Amber One


An imposing man, not just because of height and stature, but because he weilds powers like most people weild swords. He always dresses in the finest garbs and insists that his fellow nobles do the same. Since he is now in his fifties, the wrinkles around his eyes are plain and the once chisled face is showing cracks. His hair is still golden, but streaked with grey. His muscles aren’t as tight as they used to be.


He has always dealt with the character fairly. And seems to be a man of his word. However he makes no bones about there being a distinct line between nobles and commoners, and warns his fellow nobles about letting them seep into their ranks. He also makes sure that the nobles dress and act their station. Because nobles are better, he expects commoners to do things like steal and murder, while nobles are just better then that.

Duke Anthony Stewart

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