Juggernaught's Shield


This shield looks to be made of bronze, but is reinforced as a powerful artifact and is far strong then it appears. If one takes the time to “read” the shield it tells the story of a mighty and unstoppable warrior.


Back in the time of the War of Sorrows mankind had to forge many relics to allow warriors to stand against creatures like dragons, giants, genie, and thier ilk. After the war was over the artifacts were scattered. Some were destroyed, some buried in fear of people using them against the ruling class. Others were kept, but over centuries, and millenia, they were forgot about. Some kept in temples, castles, heck even the attic. This shield was given to a minor noble to cast into the endless bogs of the north east coast. In exchange his family was looked after and he was allowed to breed with those higher in station so that his children would be more pure blooded.

Juggernaught's Shield

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