A little bit about titles

So now that everyone knows a little about how Enlightenment works, I can finally explain a little bit about titles. Enlightenment is not how we percieve technology. A certain amount of the power comes from the belief that it should/will function. The design of the machine gun isn’t as important as the belief that it will function. Okay well instead of explaining it all over again just read the page on Enlightenment if you haven’t already.

Well now we come to titles. When people are given a title they are blessed with a lot of power. People believe quite a bit out of a royal assassin, not so much out of a farmer. So people recieve certain benefits through enlightenment when they are given a title. Most titles require that people recognize them and believe the title. Since it is built of the belief, a roal assassin who poses as a caravan guard doesn’t recieve any special benefit, but when someone recognizes him, presto all of the sudden things become very different.

There are a few special title in which the bearer just is a certain way, so people automatically recognize them for what they are and thus that person always has those advantages. I’ll use Lord Nightmare as an example. Not only is he a dragon, but one of the founders of a bloodline and a signer of the first contract. People automatically recognize him for what he is.

There are a number of ways to gain a title, some are given to you by people, while others are given by power, and others by deeds. I’ll give some examples. King is a title given by people, while these titles are not as powerful as the others, they are a lot easier to get. If you are a champion of a cause such as lost knowledge or magic, than you can also gain a title. These are some of the most powerful however there is no hiding it. You are a champion of that cause. You can also get a title by performing a deed. Such as signing the first contract. You can try to hide these title when it is not convenient, but in general people will know them on sight.

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A little bit about titles

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