Duke Anthony Stewart

Duke Anthony Stewart is an odd case among duke for many reasons. So to start with I’m just going to list his oddities.

1. The military all the way up to captain is completely made of commoners. This serves two functions. First it keeps the nobles out of the line of fire. Second, since each rank receives a pay increase it motivates the commoners.

2. The nobles in the military are split into a couple different groups. The Higher ranks (major, general, etc.) are the first group. The second group is “Smoke”. The Third is the light-heavy calvary. The fourth are the medics.

3. He lets the commoners keep more of their goods then other nobility, thus they actually have a little spending money. See #4.

4. Pays a few nobles to use their powers to make higher quality gods far faster then a normal person can. Possibly even using magic to aide them. Then releases these items on the market, and thus drives down the cost of the commoners goods letting him keep a larger share of the money.

All said and done. He is a fair ruler and does his best to protect his people. However he definately sees himself as not just superior, but far superior to his people and thus far more worthy of any wealth in the duchy.

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Duke Anthony Stewart

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