Nobility and Commoners

There are over five hundred commoners for every noble. While there is no census, and no one knows for sure exactl how many people there are in the world, for out of game reference, this continent has over a half billion people and just over a million nobles.

Officers in armies are normally nobles. Although there are a few notable exceptions. Including the Duke Anthony Stewart.

Unbelievably there is a higher percentage of nobles among the military. This is due to the fact that nobles who aren’t part of the ruling family – such as the dukes cousins – have no estates to run, so they make themselves feel important by becoming a captain in the military. And part due to the fact that they know they need to keep the commoners in check and the main way of doing that is controlling the military.

Ranks of Nobility
Ranks of Commoners

Known Nobles Thus Far:

Duke Anthony Stewart
Margrave Ellenor Landis
Count Kaitlyn Stewart
Count Oliver Torrington
Count Edvaard Stewart
Count Paul Landis
Count Bethany Trask
Count Jeffrey Plainsmith
Count Reginald Porras VanNort III

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Nobility and Commoners

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