The Multiverse

There are five realms:

1. Erda (Earth and the surrounding environment): This is the name created long ago when talking about Earth and the mystical world. Since the two co-exist and aren’t really seperate they termed the two of them Erda, mean while Earth was simply called earth, and the Mystical Realm was mistaken to be a part of Opourus for a long time. It wasn’t until a great explorer named Tiberius spent several life times exploring Ospourus and found no door to the Mystical world that it was deemed part of Erda and given it’s own name. So it might seem a little out of place, but the rest of the names were made by an ancient society of unknown creatures and thus have alien names, while the Mystical world was named by a human mage.

2. Aether (The Angelic realm) – those who have traveled there know that is is made of several planets each were home of one of the choirs of angels. Only two of those partook in the passingon of their bloodlines the other five just stayed on their planet. To get to the Angelic realm, one must go through Ospourus and travel to the far reaches until they find the Angelic gates to traverse into the realm of the angels. There is no known direct path.

3. Iratha (The Demonic Realm) – those who have traveled there know that there are three levels. The top one being the exposed realm where no sun exists so the surface of the planet is frighteningly cold. The middle level sees no light whatso ever and some of the most fearsome creatures lurk there. The bottom level is close to the core of the earth and is frighteningly hot and only the fire demons can live there. The only known way to get here is through Ospourus. There is a blackened staircase made from bone that leads down to the river of souls. Unlike the souls of the dead these are twisted tormented objects. In their permanent pain and agony they will lash out at those who wish to cross the river. This is the only known entrance into the Demonic Realm.

4. Ospourus (The spiritual realm) – even in the days of magic few people ever visited here. There are several reasons for this, but one of the major ones is that it is a completely alien world and those who venture it for a long time lose their connection to this world. So they tend not to return. The spirit world opperates under a completely different set of rules where willpower means more than magic or strength.

5. Undros (The underworld) – the realm of the deceased. No one has even gone here, but people have tried. The problem is that there is no way out. Once one sets foot in the world of the dead, they are one of the dead and it would take a truly powerful master of death magic to remove this mark.

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