Blood Ties

In a world not unlike our own, dragons, unicorns, shades, and other magical beasts stalked the land. Supreme rulers of their environments. Humans and magical beasts alike fought great wars for any number fo reasons. Demons, Angels, Dragons battled for the heavens, while Unicorns, Nymphs, and Pixies fought for the forests. It was a dark time.

The most powerful creatures on the planet gathered to settle it once and for all. Even the Demons joined the great contract. They were unified to end treachery. Some might think this would be odd for demons to agree to end treachery, but the truth according to them is that Angels were the treacherous ones.

In a conclave the likes of which the world had never seen before or will again, the leaders of man, giant, dragon, angel, demon, and many others gathered to forge a powerful agreement that would bind all those who signed contracts to follow not only the letter of the contract, but the meaning behind it when it was written.

This set a disastrous course for the enitre world. The magic involved had been thoroughly researched by all involved before it was harnessed, but there are some things that no one could foresee. Contracts were used by almost anyone for almost any reason. The magic binding these contracts was pulling most the magic from the world. Dragon eggs weren’t hatching, Unicorns were being still birthed, Shades were stepping into the shadows to never return.

So the creatures once again met, much fewer in number this time. They met with the most powerful magic users in the world to find a cure for the plague. None could be found. So they decided on a course of action that would see the death of the world as they knew it. They would give their life essences to humans and what was left of the magic of these once mighty creatures would live on in the blood of man. They forged a contract with the king of man. That he would try to find a cure to the problem and bring back the creatures. And that he would require that his descendants did the same.

It has now been over two thousand years since the last of the beasts died off. Some people think of them as mythological, but most think of them as gone forever.

Blood Ties

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