Armor of Regeneration


This black leather armor was made from hardened leather plates that were dyed black. On close examination the plates are much thinner than normal leather armor, but nearly as tough. This armor is made up of a chest piece, arm pieces, and a neck guard. The three pieces are seperate and lock together with straps and the torso piece tightens down with a strap. It takes a little time to don this armor, but in a pinch the chest piece can be thrown on in a few rounds.


The great shades once amassed a massive army to fight against their many enemies. One of their many advantages was their ability to escape for brief periods of time by jumping into an opponents shadow. So one of their master shadowsmiths forged 12 suits of shadow armor. He pulled the shadows from within other shadows and enchanted them with regeneration magics as well as the ability to protect the shadow from physical harm.

Note: There’s been much debate over this particular myth. Some question why only 12. Other question why a shadow needs to be protected from physcial harm. In the end though the key elements of the story are the same. There is also quite a bit of evidence to suggest that this is just a cautionary tale made up by someone since the story sounds like many other children’s stories, but who knows the true nature of these things.

So in the end these twelve chosen soldiers that got the armor decided to kill the maker so that no one else woud have their power and be able to rival them. Slowly they turned on themselves and soon only three sets still existed. When the last of he shades died these suits of armor became physical suits of leather armor and have remained that way ever since.

Armor of Regeneration

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