Everchanging Artifact


This was originally a rather large (Size 2) Ring. Now it takes the form that the last owner had shaped it into. As quicksilver it gives off a magical aura, and looks like Pyreel.


The original creator was The Amber One, the Master and Maker of Quicksilver. He made this to help him control his vast hoard of quicksilver. With this Artifact he could reshape any of his quicksilver items with a thought. Also he could adjust the resonance so he could combine different segments of quicksilver (a feat not normally allowed – since each group of quickilver is unique normally you can’t get two groups to form together – there would be a crack [Possibily due to the Pyreel quality that doesn’t allow liquids to rest on it.])

It’s a free action to drop the hardness of the quicksilver, and an instant action to use the Artifact to reform the quicksilver. Then it’s a free action to re harden it. So you could completely reshape any quicksilver item attuned to you in a single turn.

To shape the quicksilver it takes a Wits + Craft roll with a +2 from the Artifact. Any basic form requires only a single success (Axe, Sword, etc.) Even complex items like a spiked chain can be done with with three successes. Also there is no minus for being untrained since the artifact is doing the work, and knowing the correct heat, or the right angle, etc. means nothing.

This Artifact can only affect quicksilver that is attuned to the same person* as this artifact. The Amber One had originally made this item so it would only work for him. However when things started to go downhill and he passed on his power to his blood line they now have the power to use it. However being quicksilver it must still be attuned to the person. The person must also be at worst 1/32nd of the bloodline of the Amber One.

  • While it’s true that the quicksilver must be attuned to the wearer for this artifact to be able to affect it, it does help in the attunin process also. Normally it takes a year. Mana can be spent to shorten the time to as low as a month. With this artifact everything is halved. Any quicksilver takes six months while mana can be spent to lower it as low as two weeks.

Everchanging Artifact

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