Fairy Wings

Magical Tattoo


These are a pair of Fairy Wings that appear to be a tattoo on the back of the wearer. They are multi-colored and glittery. When the power is activated they come to life and appear as a set of real wings.


These are listed under the items area, because in theory a pixie blooded can renounce her fairy lineage and pass the wings onto someone else, who then gains the benefit of the bloodline. This only works for normal humans though.

They cost one mana to activate and nce activated allow the wearer to fly. Their speed is 40 (although they cannot run). This ability lasts as long as the pixie concentrates on the wings. Because of this the pixie loses two from just about anything. -2 to defense, -2 to all dice rolls, etc. The only exception is reflexive resistance rolls to powers or abilities. The duration is a scene, but at the end of the scene the pixie can spend another mana to keep the wings going. The pixie can also spend another point of mana to increase their speed by two. The maximum mana that can be spent in this way it equal to their arete. (Also keep in mind that is she spends an extra five mana to bring the speed up to 50, then to keep it going for another scene takes another six mana).

Also any damage the fairy takes requires a stamina + resolve + arete – damage taken roll to keep concentration. Otherwise you better hope that you were close to the ground!

Fairy Wings

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